Romans 1:26-27

Sorry, a bit of a delicate subject today, but no one teaches it.

Romans 1:26-27 “For this reason, God gave them up to vile passions. For their women changed the natural function into that which is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural function of the woman, burned in their lust toward one another, men doing what is inappropriate with men, and receiving in themselves the due penalty of their error.”

The misunderstanding is that verse 26 is not directed toward women with women. God did not make women with the ability to have intercourse. In the Greek, Romans 1:26 forbids unnatural  or anal intercourse between a man and a woman. Likewise verse 27 forbids unnatural  or anal intercourse between a man and a man. I consider these Laws partly as health Laws as they are designed to protect health.

The sexual prohibitions in scripture have to do with intercourse. Scriptural “sex” is centered around the male penis. One must not have intercourse with a married woman who is not your wife or anal intercourse with a man or woman. If you see the word adultery in a verse then you know the woman was married. There must be a married woman involved to commit adulteration. The marital status of the man is never regarded in determining adultery. Intercourse with a single woman is considered marriage. Fornication is basically prostitution and is not a catch all term for any type of sexual behavior. All the above is only in light of consensual activity. Intercourse with an animal or one of another race not your own is always forbidden.

The idea is the protection of the family heritage for the man, the continuation of his family line unadulterated. That is why there is Leverite marriage in God’s Law.

Apparently therefore there are no prohibitions for other sexual enjoyments such as masturbation. It is almost required to mention Onan. In Genesis 38:8-9 Onan, who’s mother was of a forbidden lineage for Israel to marry, was not masturbating. He was supposed to be fulfilling a public promise to raise up seed to his dead brother. His greed and selfishness made him break that promise. I blame Asceticism as a major contributor of the idea that somehow physical enjoyment is sinful. Consider it a blessing to be enjoyed alone or with others depending on the situation and in keeping with scriptural ideals.

This subject is always difficult to write about. I always worry about forgetting any details or worse being misunderstood. Always keep scripture’s requirements in mind and not tradition or false morality. Study to show yourself approved.

God’s Law is for our good health, enjoyment and protection.

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