No Dante’s Inferno in Scripture

When the English word hell is found in scripture think grave or pit. Each time in the King James Old Testament the word hell is translated from the Hebrew word: she’owl. Many times it is translated as grave. In the King James New Testament the word hell is translated from the Greek words geenna, haides and one time tartaroo.

If the reference includes fire then think of the local garbage dump. Gehenna was the local garbage dump located outside Jerusalem. The bodies of criminals and the poor ended up there. For the Lake of Fire scripture tells us that it is symbolic of the second death. Haides is just a grave. Tartaroo is a really deep grave or pit.

There is no Dante`s Inferno found in scripture. Yahweh God said the concept of burning people alive never came into his mind.

Jeremiah 19:5 “and have built the high places of Baal, to burn their sons in the fire for burnt offerings to Baal; which I didn’t command, nor spoke it, neither came it into my mind:.

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