The Schoolmaster

On one rare instance, when chatting with an acquaintance of mine, I was able to get in several paragraphs of information. It was partly due to the fact that there was a third party present. I think it was mainly due to the fact that I took something he had just stated and launched into a story. My acquaintance had just said that he praised God that we are no longer under the schoolmaster.

Here is what I said. Speaking of the schoolmaster, suppose that you had just finished an accounting degree and that you were taking a job as an accountant. Would one burn their degree and books and try to forget all that they had learned? Would they not rather use all that they had learned to be a good accountant? In the same way, when Paul says that we are no longer under the schoolmaster it does not mean that we burn the Law of God and try to forget it as best we can. Paul is expecting that we know in great detail everything that the Law of God teaches so that we can be good Christians.

That story was well received by both my acquaintance and his friend. They both readily agreed with it all. I know that if I had tried to explain the schoolmaster idea as I had in the past my acquaintance would have shut down the conversation with a rant. They both agreed with me and just moments before had been thankful they were no longer under the schoolmaster or in their minds the Law of God in totality.

You see, God’s Law is not just commandments. The commandment is only a part of it. It also includes statutes that explain the law. Most of these are only found in the old scriptures. Judgments are also included as part of the Law. Breaking of the Law of God without forgiveness entails death as the final punishment. What Paul states in Romans 6:14 is that we are no longer under the Law’s judgment of death for sin. Forgiveness through the blood of Christ now removes us from under the curse of the Law, death.

Understanding this correctly then leads one to understand that we still obey the Law from the heart and as a result we are not subject to death. See other comments below regarding God’s morals and what part of the law was added and nailed to the cross.


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