A Little History

I thought it was time for a little history.

I was brought up Catholic. I would come home from grade school and tell my mother about the stories the nuns had told us at school that day. Most were totally fabricated stories that somehow related to God or religion. The stories were told as fact. My mother would tell me that it was just a story and not based on fact.

She had been brought up in the church of Christ, but her father had not been faithful most of her life and so she did not go very often. She married a Catholic, but years later became dissatisfied. She would tell me that she was unhappy because they did not teach scripture. A few years later her father came and took her and my sister to church. I would have gone, but was out mowing the grass and was not invited. Eventually though we all left the Catholic church although my sister later married a Catholic and returned to it.

I was immersed for the remission of sins at age 17. It was at this time that I did make one rather important decision. I decided that unless I was going to believe scripture over any church teaching or doctrine, that I might as well have just stayed with Catholicism. After all what could be easier?

As you might imagine then after a number of years I began seeing differences between church of Christ doctrine and scripture. “There is no perfect church!” Even my father said that a few times. Any organized church must stand it’s ground on whatever doctrine they have in place. To make doctrinal changes destroys the organization. People leave, contributions diminish, preachers go hungry. Truth suffers in organized religion. Unfortunately truth can suffer in un-organized religion as well. I’ll have more to say about that later.


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