One Blood or One Generation

Act 17:26  And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation

The scripture is extremely accurate in all that it says. So when someone quotes Acts 17:26 trying to make a commonality among all men everywhere, either the scripture is wrong or our understanding of the verse is wrong.

There are eight different types of blood when you consider A, B, AB and O plus positive or negative of each. Then there are the alternate genes or alleles that are very much different among the different races. There are many of these alternate gene types. The wrong blood given to a person can be very dangerous. We are not all of one blood.

Since the scripture is correct then it must be our understanding of the verse. The word all in the phrase “all nations of men” is from the Greek pas which means “a part of all” men. To consider all two legged men on the face of the planet ignores the context. The translators did the best they could considering that the Koine Greek was unknown at the time of the first translations. All translations since must be fairly agreeable with the KJV or they just do not sell well.

I am aware that many translations do not have the word blood. These still misinterpret one as one man from all men everywhere rather than one from a part of all.

Remember that Adam was not the father of all men of all races. The name Adam is a description. To show blood in the face, to blush, rosy cheeks. Only a pure white man can blush. Those of other races who are pure, not of mixed blood can not show blood in the face or have rosy cheeks.

Context is very important. The book of Acts is a history of those of Israel fulfilling prophecy by becoming known as Christians. This is the answer to several prophecies in Hosea chapters one and two. In this case the word blood is very similar to the word generation in meaning. It is a single group of people who are kin and descend from one or one blood.

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