I Enjoyed Church Classes

A relative in another state whose posts on social media I enjoy recently reposted about how a squirrel was caught who had been eating wires and messing up things in their church building. The squirrel was captured and repairs completed. The original poster said, “It’s going to be a GREAT Sunday morning! Come join us for a squirrel-free service at 10am!!”

It made me think about how much I would like to be able to attend. Unfortunately it would not take long for me to be unwelcome. Here is how it has gone in the past at more than one church.

I really enjoy the classes the most. Although it is rare, it is where one learns what others have studied. I like to contribute as well. I usually tell what the Greek and Hebrew of the selected passages say. Many times what the Greek and Hebrew say compared to the English is helpful in understanding, but sometimes it shows the error in doctrine of that particular group. When the error is exposed one is tolerated for a short time, but as that continues one is usually asked to stop making comments or asked to clear comments with the preacher or church leaders first. Being that most comments are extemporaneous based on other comments being made one can not really plan on what comments might be good to make. Eventually one is asked to leave.

Churches must protect the status quo regardless of errors or truth. To do otherwise usually ends with a church split, the preacher losing his job or both. Maybe one day truth will return to being more important than pride and arrogance.

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