Religious Exemption

With the current illegal requirements being imposed on many people concerning the poison shot I filed a religious exemption with my employer. Here is my original statement written entirely by myself.

I am made in the likeness of my God. My unique DNA is unaltered and must remain so. I am not permitted to allow any introduction of foreign material that could modify my very make up. I am not permitted to introduce any foreign material that could introduce toxins. I am not permitted to introduce the DNA of another human being or diseased animal DNA whether direct or indirect into myself. I am not permitted to cause myself harm nor to allow others to cause myself harm. I consider someone requiring me to harm myself an attack on my body which I was given by God.

My sincerely held religious God given inalienable rights and beliefs prevent me from any medical intervention related to my statements above. I have no hesitancy concerning the medical intervention. It is entirely immoral.

Legally a company must accept your statement. Accommodation is where there is negotiation. This statement was rejected. Originally I saw no point in quoting scripture to those who don’t know it or understand it. So in a second email I sent the following.

Further explanation.

1 Peter 1:16 “Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.”

In order to understand this verse one must know the context of this old testament quote. The context is God’s Health Laws. In other words one can not be holy if one violates those Laws. My religious exemption statement above lays out those violations in regards to the “vaccine” very plainly and simply. Most Christians do not understand this connection.

This initiated a phone call during which the company representative acknowledged my belief and since my exemption has been approved. During that phone call I explained how Balaam was able to get Israel to sin in order to bring wrath from God on Israel. The poison shot is another way the enemies of God are getting Saxon Israel to sin. The poison shot is Baal worship.

Most companies really could care less even though they claim to be concerned about the health of their employees. The real reason is that they have been promised outrageous amounts of money if the company enforces strict compliance. So no mandate is really required. Someone out there wants to see the population seriously reduced in numbers. From what I have read the poison shot targets racial groups with true Saxon Israelite’s at the top of the list. This all goes back to the enmity between Jacob Israel and Esau Edom. By the way, the anti-Christ Jews are the least affected. The anti-Christ Jews, among whom are the children of Esau, are not God’s chosen people.

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