White People Did Nothing Wrong

Well actually we did. Our mistakes all violate scripture. There is much more than what this brief article shows.

Our first mistake was not to put our own families and people first above other peoples. This is an absolute requirement of scripture. We are always wanting to help other peoples, but scripture has limits to our help so as to protect us from transferring all of our wealth to others.

Our second mistake was to not keep a physical separation between our families and people from other peoples.

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate (To Set off by Boundary), saith the Lord”, 2 Corinthians 6:17a

The new covenant makes it easier for us to obey because God’s Law is written on our heart. However these days the concept has been lost with the false teaching of the brotherhood of man and the “we’re all the same” nonsense. Only our people have God’s moral Law written on our hearts. We then wonder why others can do such evil as we see today without any guilt or thought about it. The new covenant was made only with true Israel, Isaac’s Sons or Saxons and related peoples.

One should consider going back and at least reading the words of Albert Schweitzer. His life long experience dealing with other people is still proving true today.

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