The Law of God is for Our Protection

Many years ago a preacher told a story that I have modified to teach a lesson.

There are cows in a very large pasture. The pasture is protected by a fence. The cows are Israel. The fence is the Law of God.

Now we are in the new testament time. Men came along and tied each cow to a rope and stake in the field. Most of the cows accepted this because it had the appearance of being a higher moral ground. While they were at it they tore down the fence saying that it was no longer necessary.

More men came along and fully tied up each cow saying that this would further protect them.

Ever since the fence was torn down wolves and other wild animals have been coming in and having all of the cows that they wanted.

This is what is going on today. This can be used to show the evils of Asceticism, the Gnostics to even immigration. It works even better with sheep instead of cows.

God’s Law protects and brings blessings.

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