Marital Adultery

I don’t think I have ever found a church that teaches the scriptural definition of adultery. Their rules have harmed a lot of good people. The problem is confused by the state’s definition and political correctness. God’s marriage is righteous. The state’s marriage was created to allow types of marriage that God does not allow, that are sin.

So here are God’s Laws concerning the marital type of adultery.

Adulteration is the mixing of seed of more than the husband in a woman.

A man’s seed affects the DNA of the woman. Intercourse makes them one flesh. This is why in scripture consensual intercourse is marriage.

If a married woman has intercourse with more than her husband she is an adulteress. She is defiled because she can no longer produce children that only belong to her and her husband. This is also called confusion.

If a husband kicks his wife out without divorce to marry another woman he becomes guilty of adultery when his wife marries another man since he caused it.

If a husband has intercourse with another woman he has taken on the responsibility of another wife.

Divorce is not a sin, but a way to correct a mistake. It is not a sin to marry someone who has been divorced. It is not sin to marry someone who has committed adultery. Hosea was told to do so by God twice, Hosea 1:2 and 3:1.

In Deuteronomy 24:1 the word uncleanness is from a Hebrew word that means nudity. It is all about coverature. A man or woman may divorce and remarry another when there has been a violation of coverature.

The act of adultery ends the marriage. No divorce is required.

Attempting to marry one who is not a Christian is being unequally yoked. Attempting to marry one who is not of your race is another type of adultery.

God’s Law protects the family lineage. It protects the woman and the man. I believe this is how God sees it. We don’t always follow God’s Law as we should. Not sure about any of this? Get busy. You will need to get into the Hebrew and Greek a bit.

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