Some Doctrines of Men

Just a little Bible study can easily show how the world has turned Christian beliefs upside down. Here are a few common examples.

  • The Jews are God’s chosen people. Their own history invalidates that. Most just take their public word for the claim. Their own authors dispute it.
  • God’s Law is done away. God does not change and He does not change His morals or His Law.
  • Divorce is a sin. If divorce is a sin, then God is a sinner. God tells us that He divorced the house of Israel in Jeremiah 3:8.
  • Abraham married his actual sister. Abraham married his niece, one of the daughters of his dead brother Haran.
  • Noah’s flood was worldwide. The flood in Genesis chapter one was world wide. The Chinese have documents describing the extent of the flood of Noah.
  • God Love’s everybody and you should too. We must love our enemies, but if you love God’s enemies He will punish you.
  • The rapture is for those saved. Scripture teaches that those who are evil are the ones taken and their bodies are found by scavengers.
  • Money is the root of all evil. The love of money is a root of evil.
  • The church is a building. The church is made up of people, those called out by God.
  • The saved spend eternity in heaven. If that is true then why will there be a renewed earth and the new Jerusalem descends to the earth?
  • Jesus was a Jew. Scripture tells us that Jesus was born in Judea and thus a Judean. He was a Hebrew, Judahite of the tribe of Judah and a Nazarene since he grew up there. The modern day Jews are not related.

These are a few for which the truth is the opposite or considerably different. Study to show yourself approved!

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