Sheep and Wolves

Recently someone recommended that I listen to a preacher from their local church. I downloaded the lesson and once I converted it to a useable format I gave it a listen. Usually most lessons are nothing to write home about. This one had some wisdom that is missing from most Judeo-Christian churches.

The preacher had been stationed overseas while in the military and learned first hand some of the basic principle of sheep herding. He learned about sheep, goats and wolves. The scripture teaches important principles in regard to the behavior of people. The problem is that political correctness and general preacher teaching downplay the truths that scripture teaches.

One of the important truths is that a sheep can not change into a wolf and a wolf can not change into a sheep. They are as God created them. Sometimes the sheep of God’s kingdom try to behave as wolves, but eventually conscience or God’s chastising usually wins out and the sheep behaves as a sheep. Sometimes the wolves in the world try to behave as a sheep, but eventually they show their true nature and behave like a wolf.

Without repeating the story remember the frog swimming across a river with a scorpion riding on his back. God, after all, is the potter and we are just clay. Who are we to question or disagree with God’s reason and motives for this truth. Romans 9:21-24 explains that some were made for destruction and others for glory. So why is it taught that everyone can choose Christ and be saved?

John 6:44  No one can come to Me unless the Father who has sent Me draw him, and I will raise him up at the last day. [MKJV]


Think about it. Who does the compelling or choosing? The Greek word translated “compel” or “draw” has the literal meaning “to drag”. God draws or drags us to Him. It should really be no surprise as several times in scripture we are told that God is the one who saves us. We do not save ourselves. Our job as sheep is to behave as sheep and not as goats or wolves. It is also our job to be wise enough to note wolves when we find one and keep our distance.


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