The English Translation is Not Always Reliable

Look to the Greek and Hebrew text for the exact meaning of scripture. Some interesting truth is found in the Greek root words. The English in some places does not represent a reliable translation. In a few places the English says the opposite of the Greek and Hebrew. In the Greek and Hebrew there is agreement between the old and new testaments in both doctrine and faith. God did not change His morals, His Law or His people.

Strong and Thayer did the best they could based on what they had available. Strong and Thayer did their work ten years before the Koine Greek was known. Here are a few examples of when Strong was guessing.

  • Of uncertain derivation
  • Probably akin to
  • From a presumed compound of
  • Of uncertain affinity
  • Probably from

Watch for those and a few others. Read Strong’s instructions. Any word after :– is not a part of the definition. The first word is the most reliable with the last word the most “radical”.

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