Political Correctness, again.

Political correctness is a part of mob rule. It is mob morality. It can change. Yesterday’s mob morality is today’s bigotry and racism. Today’s mob morality can become tomorrow’s bigotry and racism.

Today’s mob rejects God’s morality. The mob was taught that God’s Law ended and now has been replaced by Love. Since the mob was taught to reject God’s Law they never learned it and they never learned that it represents God’s morality. The mob only negatively learned about a few of God’s Laws.

Love has always been a part of God’s Law and his morality. There are no arbitrary laws of God. All have a reason and purpose and are designed to protect our safety and health and the safety and health of others.

The attitude of today’s mob morality is extreme and arrogant. It’s response immediate. When violated it brings instant wrath. There is no tolerance in mob morality because it is always right until it changes. When it changes it will usually become more extreme and more arrogant. The mob will become more self righteous.

God’s Law, his morality never changes. It is always fair to everyone and driven by love. How others are treated does depend on people properly following it, but then so does political correctness. When you get up in the morning God’s morality will not have changed.


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