Truth Taught or Untaught

I know a man who is a preacher. He preaches to about 15 people in his local group. His lessons number over 700 and are available on line. I don’t know how many he preaches to world wide as he sends his lessons out and has for many years. I very much believe that truth is very important to him. He was once a member of the Christian church and even went to one of their schools for preachers. Several times he has lost listeners because he has grown in knowledge and truth.

Many years ago I discovered a truth. This truth is uncomfortable for most. After some time I was able to ask the preacher what he thought about it. There was no discussion. He gave me his Christian church answer and dismissed it. Several years later he preached a series that ended with three lessons devoted to the truth I had discoverd. With one exception he had come to all of the same conclusions I had come to! I was amazed.

This truth is very much a part of God’s Law. I do not plan to mention what it is because it will get in the way of the reason for my posts so back to the story.

In the last lesson he told why he does not think this truth is for today and has not continued to teach it. In fact his recently released book on the series leaves it out all together. I was able to ask him one time about the subject. We both agree that there are good reasons not to bring it up with out need. He believes that it would fragment believers and we both know that anytime something new is taught that is certainly going to happen to some degree.

So he is not teaching this truth. I teach it, but I don’t initiate it’s discussion. I defend it if needed.

So now for the reason for this post. Ever since his decision to not teach this truth he has begun going in some different directions. Maybe it is just because I do not agree with these new directions, but I have to wonder if he has been sent a delussion, perhaps a test? I have no problem with a person studying new ideas and even discussing them with people to get feedback and learn. I think there is more to it than that, but it is at a pretty early stage. I guess I am worried for him.

The truth is not an easy one to teach. In today’s world I think there are harder ones that he teaches with out apology. It would be better in my mind for him to acknowledge it and move on, but not leave the truth out when it is appropriate.

By the way, it has almost been funny for me in my experiences with this particular truth. I have teased that I must have it written on my forehead. People, several of them, have just asked me about it out of the blue. It is not the sort of thing one just brings up in casual conversation. Friends and total strangers have both asked me what I thought of this truth. Twice I defended it at churches. I did not know the subject was going to come up, but when it did I defended it and tried to move on. For one of those churches I was asked to move on literally.

Well sorry I have been vague. I want the point about truth to stand as the most important part and not be overshaddowed by the particular truth. We all disagree on something. I have just prayed that I not be allowed to believe things not true. I think scripture reveals all the truth we are supposed to know. It is my opinion that it is just a matter of us being diligent.


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