Tricks of the Enemy 4

The enemy of Christ has spent a lot of time making up and teaching false doctrines. Another false doctrine that is still very much alive today is the same one that began the Reformation, the selling of indulgences.

The Catholic church still teaches that one can buy a person’s way out of punishment. Many Protestant churches have gone back on their original cause and are now teaching variations of the same.

This is most common among, but not limited to TV evangelists. It fits well with greed and the desire to receive usually health or money. This of course while ignoring God’s Health Laws and helping true brothers in Christ. What it does though is to give the position of mediator to the one making promises. What is worse is that if you are sent some physical object in the mail and then being asked to return it with a donation, that preacher is practicing Voodoo.

Don’t have anything to do with any of those who place themselves between you and God as an arbitrator or one who makes promises expecting you to send them money.

Some of the ones who are happy to take your “seed money” are not Christians. They do not speak for God. Many good Christians work for them until they figure it out.

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