Tricks of the Enemy 2

The enemy of Christ has spent a lot of time making up and teaching false doctrines.

Another false doctrine has come about easily because we have a Matriarchal society today. The world is upside down. God’s Kingdom is Patriarchal. Everything that is politically correct has invaded the churches. Women rule most churches today. Even if all the elders of a congregation are men, very often the leadership is actually from the feminist wives of those men.

Patriarchy is disdained. The churches are out of order with God. Christ is our head. Under Christ are Patriarchal men. Not next to, but under the men’s protection are the women and children. Scripturally this is called Coverature.

Coverature is an almost forgotten scriptural principle. It is a simple study, but one will need to dig into the Hebrew word meaning to get all of it. The Hebrew word translated uncleanness in Deuteronomy 24:1 means nudity. It is a lack of coverature by the husband or the wife has removed herself from his coverature. It is a lack respect.

Women leading and teaching in the churches today is sin. Very few men are brave enough to take back God’s plan for his church from their wives. One of the problems is the unscriptural government marriage contracts.

If you teach that God’s Law is done away, then you teach that God has abandoned His order for the church and Godly society.

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