Teaching about the Law of God

In conversations with people I sometimes have the opportunity to bring up God’s Law and show how it works or how things would or could be if we followed it. I have an acquaintance who when I try to do such immediately goes into a rant. Trying to get a word in after that point is useless. He has, in his mind, slain the dragon and that is the end of that. Nothing of any import or content is ever used to refute what I almost was able to say.

I am sure that many can relate to that happening regardless of the subject. What I am learning is that there are people who can quote scripture all day and relate to it inside of their comfort area of understanding. If someone comes along with a new idea or one that they have been trained to categorize and dismiss then no learning can take place on the part of either person. The person with the new idea can not speak to ask questions or add information. The person doing the immediate dismissal of the idea is too busy giving their pre-learned answer and can not or will not listen.

Scripture teaches that we are to be quick to give a response to false doctrine. It should be Spirit led. Sometimes we miss out on teaching from the Spirit of God because we are so quick to respond. Listening is not the easiest thing to do, but asking questions is better than going off into a rant. I suppose though that some are just not comfortable hearing something new. The rant becomes more of a defense not allowing anything foreign to get in. I also suppose that some view any new idea as an assault on their view of truth. Although one would be slow to suggest they have all truth this action says that very thing.

I do not ever expect to get more than a sentence or two spoken before being shut down with my acquaintance. The only exception has been when there is a third person present who asks questions concerning my comment. Then at least partly my acquaintance has been rather forced to listen to more.


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