The Good Ground is What Matters

Our society no longer knows farming and thus misses the point of the Parable of the Sower. Ask any farmer if he spends any time on the seeds that fall among stones or among thorns. He will likely tell you he spends all of his time on the seed that falls on good ground.

Over the last couple hundred years missionary work has changed to only working the stony places and thorns. We have a couple hundred years of results to prove this doesn’t work plus scripture. Later we find that many who we were told were Christians were not. While the good ground has been ignored an enemy has come in and ridiculed the Gospel and changed the teaching in the schools and churches to destroy the harvest. These are the tares that have been sowed among the good seed. The good seed now has to grow among false doctrine and political correctness.

Because of this we are now in the final stage of the Kingdom of Heaven where the broadcast planting is past and the treasure in the field and the pearl are searched out. When a net is used the good fish are picked out and the bad are discarded.

By the way, there is never any attempt in scripture to help, teach or reform the seed in the bad ground or the tares. They are simply left to die or are forcibly removed at the harvest. Beware. Christians defend the tares because they have been taught false doctrine. Truth is hidden and ridiculed.

Read Matthew 13 and discern the truth.

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