Denial Mode

When most people hear or read something that is different from what their preacher has taught, they go into reject mode. This is normal. If they don’t check it out for themselves they are not being good Bereans. Basing your salvation on the statements of your preacher is not wise nor biblical. You would be surprised how often what your preacher teaches is unscriptural and not even what he believes. I have encountered this several times and in social media all the time. When showing someone what scripture says, their normal answer is NO. No explanation, no scripture, just NO or ridicule. They are not good Bereans.

If you really want to know what the scripture teaches, you have to do a little actual work. Truth is a good thing. If you can’t handle a little ridcule and NO from those who don’t provide a reason, then it is best for you to be happy believing the politically correct lie they teach at your church. All organized churches are politically correct. The ones that are not get shut down. Yes, we are already past that point.

What I try to do is simply show what the Greek and Hebrew texts say. I also show the Greek and Hebrew word definitions. The scripture does the teaching. With all the evil in the world today, if your church is not a target of the bad guys and they mostly leave you alone, then they do not view your church as a threat to their evil. Usually this is because your church teaches a lukewarm, neutral gospel. If it offends only a few then it is worthless.

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