Diseases of Egypt

Here is another thing that helps to destroy faith.

There are a growing number of television shows that have some crazy religious zealot as the bad guy. There are lots of zealots, most all of them pretty normal people. Most all of the prophets in the scripture could be considered zealots. Christ would fit in that category.

When our children were little and we realized they had a virus there was a desire to take them to the doctor. However simple high school biology taught that there is nothing a doctor can do for a virus. So they were never taken to a doctor for a virus. Home remedies help.

It has gotten to the point now that if one even suggests that God’s wonderful immune system is all we need for a virus most Christians would look at you as a lunatic and wait for their toxic vaccine. People are already going to their doctor’s asking for the toxic vaccine for their children. I feel badly for the children who will be given it.

The vaccine will cause permanent damage. The vaccine will violate God’s Law and should be equated with receiving the diseases of Egypt for the cures of Egypt. It would be a reproach if God has to cure you from a voluntary, self inflicted “cure” of Egypt.

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