Enemies in the Church

A recent article was taking notice of the socialist style non-Christianity that is aggressively trying to replace normal more conservative Christianity.

The conservatives are planning a teaching conference to inform people of this problem. It is great that the conservatives are fighting back. The social justice, critical race baiter non-Christians are teaching Cultural Marxism that is decidedly Jewish. Just like when the Berlin wall came down because it was safe for Communism, it is now safe for the Marxist to stop pretending they are normal Christians. There has been a lot of that happening lately.

The socialist gospel is another gospel. They can only use scripture that is taken out of context and spiritualized to say what they teach. Unfortunately conservative Christianity is guilty of doing the same thing. They also take scripture out of context and spiritualize verses to make scripture work for the world they see.

If the conservative group would just teach scripture then it would be easier to see a difference.

One of many examples that is taught in many churches is that non-Israelite people are adopted into the church. Ephesians 1:5 is one example of ignoring the actual context. Paul stated that the adoption belongs to Israel in Romans 9:4. Churches spiritualize those verses to be more inclusive. The reason they do that is because there is a people claiming to be Israel that is not Israel. They are those who today say they are Jews, but are not. Their behavior proves they are of the synagogue of satan, Revelation 2:9. Scripture says that true Israel would take the light of the gospel to the world. The Jews spit when they hear the name of Christ. They are not Israelites.

If churches no longer believed in the fraudulent Jews and believed scripture about who is Israel then no spiritualization of verses such as Ephesians 1:5 and Romans 9:4 would be necessary. Conservatives would be able to say we truly teach scripture without needing to spiritualize or destroy it’s true meaning. Believe the scripture, question the world.

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