Hell is Cold

Several people posted a picture to Facebook that declared a few things that do not match actual scripture. So I modified it a bit.

“We need teachers who preach that hell is the grave, heaven is the abode of God, that sin in scripture has never changed, some things churches teach as sin never were and some things churches teach as righteous are sin, that the whole Bible is God’s word, but the English translations do not always faithfully show it or its unity, and that Jesus is the only way of salvation even though many churches teach another path for some people. We need preachers who preach what the Bible actually teaches rather political correctness or church doctrine.”

It is not as nice and concise and clever, but it is more truthful than the original post.

So hell is not hot. We are not going to spend eternity in heaven, but rather on a new or renewed earth. Yes sin is still sin. Unfortunately the churches threw away God’s Law and added a few of their own laws. They did get it right with the Bible being God’s word and Jesus as the only way to salvation.

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