Software Update

A quick update concerning Bible software. It had not occurred to me to try WINE. Wine is not an emulator is the meaning of the word. It allows one to run a select number of windows programs on Mac or Linux. So I now have PC Study Bible version 2 running pretty well on Linux. It is not perfect, but usable for what I do. E-Sword is working just fine once again. Several years ago a friend gave me Bible Works 5 as a gift. It works perfectly under WINE. So all is well and I am able to do some rather specific and in-depth study with out having to switch to Windows.

I can see myself upgrading to the latest version of PC Study Bible if it will work and install properly. I had to copy the installed folder from an old windows computer and create a desktop launcher to get things to work. PCStudy Bible 2 would not install with WINE. Logos is also a future possibility. Before buying anything though I will make sure that others have had success running the software in Linux.

So study is progressing nicely and I am happy running the above programs in Ubuntu Linux.


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