We Are Being Blessed Right?

In the times of ancient Israel scripture tells us of their disobedience. As we read the text we sit back and wonder why could they not see how unrighteous they were behaving? They did not see it. They did not comprehend it. When a prophet would point and tell them they were unrighteous they were very indignant and condemned the prophet. It is my belief that the same situation is repeating itself today.

Christians go to church and feel very righteous. They give contribution, teach Sunday school, host gatherings at their home and their preacher tells them what a wonderful Christian example they provide to the church. All the while they could be those same people we see in the scriptures above. They do not see it. They do not comprehend it. They do not realize they are in the depths of sin.

God made several promises in scripture. Some of the promises gave blessings for good behavior. Some of the promises gave curses for bad behavior. God does keep his promises. Just like in the scriptures when the people obeyed God they were blessed and when they disobeyed they were cursed.

One time I went through the blessings and the cursings of Deuteronomy 28 to see how we fared. When you look at how we are doing nationally we did not come out on the blessing side, but rather on the curses half of the chapter. We are not being blessed and rather than go humbly to God and seek his forgiveness as a nation, people go to their real god, the government, and pray for protection.

In some of the times of Israel the people would go from the temple of the false god to the temple of our God in the same day and not realize there was a conflict of interest. A common argument I hear is that people think we must have a seperate civil government along side a religious one. This never was a part of God’s plan. But Israel had a king, I have been told. Yes, Israel had a king, but remember one was only given them because the people rejected God as being king over them. Should we do likewise and feel righteous?

I do not believe we will be truly blessed as a people until we only look to our true God for everything we need and obey Him alone.


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