Evil is Being Flaunted

Those who hate Christ most in the world have made this a pride month Most of it is Jewish and is supported in their bible, The Talmud. The Talmud was ruled pornographic a very long time ago. You know back when more people had more biblical morality.

Well the bible teaches against anal intercourse. Anal intercourse passes much disease and causes an early grave. The rest is politics intended to destroy Christianity. When they talk about same sex marriage, it is state marriage, not God’s marriage. State marriage was created to allow every kind of evil with the blessing of the state.

The enemy uses words. They bring people in slowly with words that appear friendlier than anal intercourse. A false love and pride are their main trap words. You can see them demonstrate those values when they parade through streets hurting people and making a show to destroy morals. The bible teaches a different way.

Pride Goes Before Destruction, Proverbs 16:18

Better is Humility of Spirit, Proverbs 16:19

With humility of Spirit may we follow God’s Law that will destroy their evil.

May God protect those who are His from the evils in the world.

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