The Details about Marriage and Divorce

The Word of God in the Hebrew and Greek does not leave one confused or to guess. God’s Law is simple and righteous.

This is the what about part I usually leave for people to study out for themselves. The enemy of Christ has spent a lot of time making up and teaching false doctrines. Here is the backing for divorce is not a sin and that one may remarry. Here is Matthew 5:32 in the Greek [with explanation].

(Mat 5:32 Modified KJV) “But I say to you that whoever separates [without divorcing his wife], except for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery [when she marries another]. And whoever shall marry her who is [only] separated commits adultery.”

Makes much more sense when you think about it. If the words “writing of” or “bill of” or similar are not found in the verse then the Greek says “put away” or just simply separated or separated as in still married. The act of fornication automatically ended the marriage because the wife became defiled. She could no longer produce pure lineage children for her husband.

Jesus taught the Law perfectly. So in Matthew 19:8 the put away or separation is divorced. In verse 9 it is separated as in still married. Words are important. If a verse mentions adultery, then you know that the woman was married.

In Mark 10:11-12 the “against her” goes back to Malachi 2:14-16 which is treachery and violence because the man did not write his wife a bill of divorce, but left her in the street to starve. If she married another in order to survive she committed adultery. Her husband who caused this to happen thus shares in the guilt.

God’s morals, God’s Law, did not change with the change of the covenant. Deuteronomy 24:1-4 is still valid for marriage and divorce. The word uncleanness in verse 1 is from a word that means nudity. It is coverature. One church I went to required the divorced to go back and remarry their previous spouse. If that spouse has married another, then that church is teaching heresy as that violates verse 4.

All of this explanation is necessary because translators protected existing church doctrine rather than the truth of scripture. Think of all the confusion and sorrow they have caused. Volumes have been written trying to makes sense of the English text when the simple truth is in the Hebrew and Greek. In the Hebrew and Greek texts there is unity of faith and doctrine.

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